About Lady Gouldian Finches

Finch seed cleaning and recycling

Feeding area 1 with window accessI usually have my bird feeder in an open plastic containers so it will be easier for me to just add new seeds and easy access for the birds. I noticed that a lot of seeds are being discarded and tossed out by the birds and the empty seed shells are a total mess.  The discarded seeds became a magnet to few bugs and mouse eating away with the birds on the same container.  The birds got used to sharing their seed with the mice and they where not afraid of its presence and just mind their own business.  What I saw was not good for the aviary and the gouldians to have to eat a contaminated food with mouse droppings and urine and not only that but the mice had built its nest and co-habitat with the birds as they get free food and water.  I immediately resolved the issue by putting few sticky mouse traps outside the cage and changed how I serve the seeds to the birds.  I bought a large hanging plastic bird feeders from Lowes and placed it  in a plastic folding table so it will not be attached to the aviary walls and the mouse can’t get in to the bird feeder.  The bird feeder is also placed on top of a large plastic garden pot container so that the tossed out seeds and empty shells will fall inside instead of going to the floor.  That immediately resolved the issue with the mouse and crawly bugs.

The bird feeder with a seed catcher attached at the bottom for catching and recycling uneaten seeds works great. Watch the video and see how easy process on how finch seed cleaning and recycling can be done in few minutes.  Recycling finch seeds saves you money and your birds will be eating cleaner seeds.  A friend gave me a homemade plastic attachment for the vacuum cleaner that he saw on You Tube to try to make it easier for me to do the task. Don’t forget to wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose for dust and allergens.  This thing really works.  Try it for yourself and enjoy.

Easy steps to follow in finch seed cleaning and recycling