About Lady Gouldian Finches

Summer breeding of gouldian finches

Red head male standing tall

Red head male standing tall

Some breeders breed their birds or Lady gouldian finches all year round.  There is nothing wrong with that if the birds continues to mate and breed specially in a controlled temperature but beware and be cautious of the results and effects to your birds when breeding them in an outdoor flight aviary during summer months.  Both parents, all un-hatch eggs and their babies will suffer from extreme heat inside the nest box and high temperature is definitely the main factor and will result to death.  Don’t take chances or get greedy on having lots of birds as you will loss more than you will gain. Imagine a hen trying to sit on her eggs inside a small box and the temperature is over 100*, if she’s lucky she’ll have some eggs that will hatch but she will definitely lose them all and on top of that, she will also suffer from a heat stroke and could also die with her eggs and babies. I have some pictures to share but beware that these are not pretty pictures to look at but to show the effects of summer breeding.  It was taken late June early July here at San Fernando Valley California and they are the last clutch before I took out all the nest boxes. With my experience and honest advice, please avoid breeding any captive birds during summer months in an outdoor aviary.  It will be a disaster and your birds will perish.  Just enjoy and be happy to see your birds or the Lady gouldian finches survive the summer heat. By the way, summertime is also the season for gouldians to molt and these process takes a lot out of your birds.

This is why you have to avoid summer breeding of gouldian finches in an outdoor aviary

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