About Lady Gouldian Finches

Retirees and Injured Gouldian finches

Retired Goulds

Retired female gould showing weekness and feathers are not coming back including some of her flight wing feathers. I have given her S76 in case is has mites but she’s just too old . Male in front had lost his sight on one of his eyes and having hard time to fly around. Both are in the holding cage “Home for the Aged, Retirees and Seniors”.

Since I have a large flight aviary and my feeding station is not accessible to weak and injured birds, the only way I can help them is to put them in a smaller cage. The picture above shows one of my retired female gouldian and she’ about 6-7 years old and she’s losing her body feathers and some flight wings while the Male in front had an accident and lost his sight on one of his eyes and having a hard time flying around so I took them both out of the aviary and housed them into a smaller cage where it’s a quiet location under a tree where the only open area is the front and cover it at night with a flexi glass cut to size of the cage.

I’ve noticed that they will not regrow some of the feathers.  If you have a large aviary, you’ll see them mostly at the bottom trying to eat tossed out seeds and always trying to get sunlight for warmth during the day.  We should all provide extra care for retirees and injured gouldians finches and give them extra vitamins and medication as needed.  They will last a little bit longer compared to just leaving them alone in the flight aviary.  Inside the small cage a 60 watt light bulb is placed at the corner and set to turn ON from dust to dawn especially on cold winter nights.



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