About Lady Gouldian Finches

Gouldian finch nest box breeding setup

Here are few simple steps on gouldian finch nest box breeding setup.  Start with a wooden nest box and organic materials for building their nest are prepared by gouldian finches and it really works. I’ve introduced a plastic type nest box and only a few pairs had to used it during last breeding season due to all wooden boxes are all already occupied. I thought the plastic nest boxes will be beneficial  as there are no cracks, crevices for mites and other insects to hide plus cleaning will be easier but they seemed unpopular to the gouldians. I believed that the plastic nest boxes are not suitable for outdoor aviary due to changes in weather temperature so I will continue to use the wooden nest boxes.

Materials used for gouldian finch nest box breeding setup

gouldian finch wooden nest box with nesting bermuda grass setup

gouldian finch wooden nest box with nesting bermuda grass setup

When breeding season starts, setup the nest boxes by putting some nesting grass and put a round indentation in the middle as a start up.


Bermuda grass finch nesting material

I’ve also used natural coconut fiber which the gouldians loved to use but the cost to buy the material is high and pretty hard to get.


Coconut fiber – expensive type of nesting material but gouldians love it

Another natural material I’ve used is coconut fiber burlap bought by the yards then cut into small pieces then shred it as shown below.  It’s a lot of work but gouldians also love it specially during colder season breeding.

Burlap is used during colder season for added warmth

Burlap is another nesting material I’ve used during winter for warmth

Organic Pesticides / Powder form

Organic Diatomaceous earth powder

Diatomaceous Earth powder

I’ve also used some protection against pests that can harm the baby birds including the parents.  Natural insect powder repellent place at the bottom of the nest boxes before the nesting material helps prevent mites infestation.  Bird mites is the number one enemy of your birds, then the red ants and then other crawly insects on hot weather breeding season. The picture below of the nest box had black granules of charcoal to absorb the moisture and also good for air circulation underneath the nesting material.  When you want to breed a couple of clutches during breeding season, you need to clean up the nest boxes before they start with a new clutch. Check the nest boxes and dispose old nesting materials and start with a fresh bedding.  You have to practice good hygiene for your birds and you’ll be a successful breeder.


Here is another brand that I’ve used that works to protect the nest for crawling insects during breeding season

Yellow babies - coconut fiber nesting material

coconut fiber was used to build nest by yellow back gouldians

The nest box with coconut fiber used and had 3 yellow gouldian babies.  The 2 eggs didn’t hatch.